We would like thank the international lifestyle blog Daily Candy for posting an article about us in the Home & Garden section of their San Francisco edition today. We were excited to get an email from them asking a few questions about what we do and more than excited to see the final article up on their site. Thanks again.

Go Green with The Little Acre
Natalie Kilmer Helps You Sprout Out

Your knowledge of gardening is more minuscule than aseedling.

So enlist someone who can think big for you: Natalie Kilmer of The Little Acre.

The urban gardening and homesteading specialist, who practices the holistic principles of permaculture and biointensive farming, can make your horticultural dreams come true — whether you want to plant an edible garden, hatch your own chicken coop, get a beehive buzzing, or put in a rainwater catchment system. Kilmer can lead you through design, installation, and even maintenance (if you wish), quite literally from compost to harvest.

Most consultations are free, and she’s an expert at turning even the sorts of cramped spaces you find in SF into flourishing environments.

And that ain’t no small potatoes.

The Little Acre (415-341-7559 or thelittleacre.com), $40-$50 per hour.

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