This past Sunday we took a trip to Oakland to look at some urban farms that were part of this years Urban Farm Tours. The one tour we got a chance to go on was the farm of Ruby Blume called, Beegrrl Gardens. With over 200 species of plants including fruit, vegetables, flowers, medicinals, natives and wetland plants, plus top bar bee hives, quail, rabbits, greywater systems, mushroom beds and alot more Beegrrl Gardens had a lot to see. A very big thank you to Ruby Blume for taking the time to show us all around. See you next year.

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  1. Muriel and Tom Owens says:

    Aloha Natalie Jane, great website. You offer so many avenues of assistance and fun.Wonderful educational opportunities and so timely. Thanks for the gift of these services to Mother Earth and all of us earth inhabitants. I /we love you Natalie, great to talk to you . Looking forward to meeting Carl. Hugs and Love Missy and Tommy

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