Services & Rates

An edible garden consists of  a vegetable & fruit patch inter-planted with companion plants, edible flowers, beneficial insect-attracting plants (insectaries), an upper canopy of large edible perennials and, ideally, a compost pile or worm bin.  These elements work best in combination to create a productive and regenerative closed-loop system over time. We can also include chickens, bees, rainwater catchment/greywater systems. Our expertise and services will help create a garden that connects you with the land and nature, increases productivity and biodiversity, and gives you more control of your health. We are passionate about growing food and are in this business because we want to help people experience the vitality in one’s own garden.


Consultation & Design

Consultation $200 ($75 credit can be used toward future services in your garden)

  • 1.5 hr onsite evaluation.
  • Discussion of client’s needs,  ideas, aesthetics, and budget.
  • Soil sampling and test results.

Garden Design $350 minimum, $85 per hour

  • Post consultation recommendations.
  • Design plan sketch and schedule.
  • Includes seasonal changes and additions over time to meet a clients complete vision and ongoing needs, such as chickens, bees, fruit/nut orchard pruning, etc.

Consultation $200 ($75 credit can be used toward future services in your garden)

  • 1.5 hr onsite evaluation.
  • Discussion of client’s needs,  ideas, sketch of system design and greywater/rainwater options.
  • The Little Acre designs systems to reuse your water from sinks, showers and washing machines to irrigate your garden.




Gradual Garden Development $80 per hour

  • Year-long (4 seasons) cultivation and maintenance consisting of bi-weekly garden visits.
  • $100 per month on average of new plants and supplies, such as soil amendments, organic pest control, and veggie starts.
  • We work with nature over time to create a healthy regenerative garden with a small ecological footprint. Each month of garden development improves the soil and biodiversity. All you need is a bit of patience and vision!




The Little Acre believes that education is one of  the keys to success, so we welcome clients to work with us and learn all they can. We also recognize that not all garden enthusiasts are actual gardeners, nor do they want to be. For this reason, we offer maintenance plans for all types of garden enthusiasts.

(1) Four Seasons Maintenance Plan (included in Gradual Garden Development Plan above)

  • We work with the seasons over one year to install and maintain your garden.  This plan gives you the opportunity to learn how to do it yourself, and will save you money in the future. For an edible garden, this is the best plan because this process builds your soil naturally over time.

(2) Monthly Maintenance $80 per hour (rates may be higher in some cases depending on travel time, bridge tolls, etc.)

  • The amount of time needed in the garden depends on size and season.  Gardens production is high in summer and much less time is required in winter.
  • We take on most maintenance jobs, integrating ecological practices in all gardens (no blowers or power trimmers). Many clients first want us to help with ornamental gardens and later become interested in growing edibles. Either way, we are happy to help!

(3) Get Your Hands Dirty Maintenance $80 per hour

  • If desired, we work side by side with clients. We coach individuals on the skills they desire.



Payment Terms

Projects are billed as Time & Materials: 50% is due to begin work, 25% at mid completion, and 25% upon completion. For designs, an estimate will be given and a 25% deposit will be required.



Now it’s time to get busy in the garden.  Call us for a consultation or if you have any questions about how to get started or what we can offer. Get in touch today.


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